Long Cervix During Pregnancy

During a pregnancy, there are a number of precautions that need to be taken by the expectant mother, for the safety of her unborn child. The opening of the uterus is known as the cervix. It points downwards and is usually at the posterior end of the vaginal opening.

A number of premature births take place because of a painless stretching of the cervix. A long cervix during pregnancy could be caused by traumatic circumstances that have had their effect on the cervix at an earlier time. Medical procedures, such as a dilatation and curettage are responsible for affecting the cervix.


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Minor surgeries that have been performed on the cervix could also be responsible for a long cervix pregnancy.

Dealing with Long Cervix During Pregnancy

The best recommended method of dealing with a long cervix in pregnancy is to tighten it in the initial stages with the help of sutures. After thirty six weeks of pregnancy, or at the time when the expectant mother goes into labor, the sutures can be removed and she can experience a normal delivery. During the pregnancy, if the cervix measures more than two and a half millimeters in the sixth month, it is indicative that the mother should opt for a caesarean section delivery. See also friable cervix during pregnancy

Women who have a history of developing a long cervix during their pregnancy should be careful to get enough of rest during the first trimester. Any exertion can cause an elongation of the cervix, which could prove to be extremely devastating. Regular check ups with the gynecologist should be followed with strict caution, enabling you and the doctor to monitor the progress of the pregnancy.

Resting during your pregnancy ensures that you do not put any unwanted strain on the uterus that will cause the cervix to become elongated. While the body is at rest in a sleeping position, all strain is taken off the cervix, allowing it to remain closed and unaffected. Towards the end of the pregnancy term, there is a possibility that the cervix will soften and elongate slightly. This, however, does not mean that a woman is ready to go into labor. There have been instances where the cervix has softened weeks before the actual time of delivery. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed as part of the daily diet to ensure that the body gets enough roughage and fiber, easing the process of digestion, thereby avoiding any strain on the intestines that may lead to an elongating of the cervix.

Long Cervix During Pregnancy
Long Cervix During Pregnancy
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