Hip Pain During Pregnancy Trimesters

Hip pain during pregnancy is one of the common and uncomfortable complaints that most women tend to experience. In fact hip pain during pregnancy third trimester and hip pain during pregnancy second trimester is known to be very common on account of the growing uterus.

One of the causes of bad hip pain during pregnancy at night or even in the day time is that the body of a pregnant woman tends to release certain hormones which perform the function of softening and relaxing the muscles and the joints. This process occurs to prepare the body for delivery  and for labor.


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In some cases , hip pain during pregnancy may even occur in the first trimester ,however this release of hormone sis usually known to affect women in the form of hip pain and other aches during the second and third trimester of the pregnancy.

Relieve Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should also bear in mind that as their body grows and continues to expand , their posture will also become more awkward and their ligaments and muscles will respond in a different manner to the presence of relaxin in their body. Relaxin is a hormone that basically helps the pelvis of the pregnant women move so as to help in the preparation for childbirth. However, this relaxin is also known to make the pregnant woman more susceptible to injury and also result in hip pain during pregnancy. It has been observed that quite a few pregnant women tend to experience hip pain during pregnancy at night while they are sleeping.

This is mostly because of the lack of support to the joints that surround the pelvis while one is sleeping as well as because of poor posture. One of the methods to relieve hip pain during pregnancy is to use a full body support pillow that is commercially available under the abdomen as well as between the legs while sleeping. Another one of the ways to relieve hip pain during pregnancy is do go for a therapeutic massage from a massage therapist who is experienced with massaging pregnant women. In some other cases, pilates and yoga are also known to provide relief from hip pain during pregnancy as well as any back pain. One should always consult the pilates or the yoga instructor for advice on the suitable form of yoga or stretching as per ones trimester and also to help align and stretch the pelvis and the hips.

Hip Pain During Pregnancy
Hip Pain During Pregnancy
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