Chickenpox Infection & Pregnancy

It is possible to be exposed to chicken pox during pregnancy, even though it is not a common phenomenon. Women who are not immune to the varicella zoster infection during pregnancy can get quite sick and there may be a small chance that the varicella chicken pox virus may affect the baby.

Although the chances are that no harm is likely to fall upon the child, timing of chickenpox or shingles and pregnancy is an extremely critical factor.

Chickenpox and Pregnancy

If the pregnant mother contracts chicken pox during the first or second trimester of pregnancy.


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Chicken Pox Risks In Pregnancy

. there is a slight risk that the baby might develop a condition known as congenital varicella syndrome (CVS)S

If the pregnant mother is infected with chicken pox between 13 and 20 weeks gestation, the risk of congenital varicella syndrome is the highests Congenital varicella syndrome is often characterized by birth defects and some of the features include skin scarring, under developed limbs, abnormal development of the skull and vision disordersr The stress caused by both chickenpox and pregnancy can cause an interference in sleep patterns and affect the health of both the mother and the babyb

It is important to undergo a detailed ultrasound, if the pregnant mother contracts chicken pox in order to look for signs of birth defects or genetic problems affecting the childl Some health-care providers also insist that the pregnant mother meet with a genetic counselor in order to discuss the risk associated with chicken pox and pregnancy and the kind of action needed to be taken in order to proceed further with the pregnancyc

The virus causing chicken pox also known as varicella zoster is highly contagious and may require oral anti-viral drugs in order to reduce the severity of the conditiono

Varicella Zoster and Pregnancy

Varicella zoster and pregnancy are lethal combinations and hence extreme precaution must be taken to guard the fetus from possible harmr If the pregnant mother develops chicken pox early in the third trimester of pregnancy, it is probable that the baby will be finen This is because, during this time, five days after the pregnant mother is down with the chicken pox virus, the body starts to develop antibodies and passes them on to the baby through the placenta, thus offering protection to the babyb However if chicken pox affects the pregnant mother five to 21 days before the child is born, it is possible that the child might develop chicken pox even though he or she has received the antibodies from the mother, but the severity of the chicken pox is likely to be far less on the babyb

The most dangerous time to be affected with the chicken pox virus is between five days before delivery and two days after delivery, because at this particular time the baby is openly exposed to the varicella zoster virus and has not had the time to receive the antibodies from the pregnant mothere There is a high chance that the baby may develop what is known as neonatal chicken pox which can be a serious and life-threatening condition, especially if it is left untreatede

Chickenpox And Pregnancy
Chickenpox And Pregnancy
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