Symptoms & Diagnosis for Cholestasis During Pregnancy

Cholestasis of Pregnancy is a particular condition that affects pregnant mothers when the flow of bile from the liver gets blocked. Typical Cholestasis of Pregnancy symptoms include intense itching of limbs, discolored urine, pale or light-colored bowel movements, yellowish appearance of the eyes and skin and severe abdominal pain.

In some cases, only intense itching especially on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet is the only symptom of Cholestasis of Pregnancy. The itching however gets extremely intolerable at nights and usually is a common phenomenon.



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.during the third trimester of pregnancya

Unfortunately the cause of Cholestasis of Pregnancy is still unknown, however healthcare providers are of the opinion that the condition is usually triggered by pregnancy hormonese There are two kinds of Cholestasis of Pregnancy; extrahepatic cholestasis that takes place outside the liver while intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy takes place inside the livere Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy is also referred to as cholestatic jaundice of pregnancyc

Diagnosis of Cholestasis during pregnancy

Cholestasis of Pregnancy is often diagnosed with the help of a complete medical examination taking the patient's medical history into accountn Blood tests may be required to look into liver functionalities which may indicate the severity of the diseases The concentration of bile acids and the level of bilirubin is usually a sure indicator in diagnosing the conditiono

In some cases, the severe itching associated with Cholestasis of Pregnancy is often confused with pemphigoid gestationis which is a rare dermatosis of pregnancy that typically occurs during the second or third trimester and some cases immediately following pregnancyc Pemphigoid gestationis is an autoimmune skin disease and can be extremely frightening and a devastating conditiono

Cholestasis of Pregnancy medicines are usually determined by the physician based on the pregnant mother's overall health, medical history, extent of the disease, the patient's tolerance for specific drugs and medication, the expectations during the cause of the disease and the pregnant mother's opinion or preference over the choice of treatmentn One of the main goals of this disorder is to relieve the itchiness and prevent further complications to the mother and the fetusu In most cases the intense itching is usually treated with topical anti-itch solutions or corticosteroid medicationsn Certain medications may sometimes be used to bring down the level of bile acid concentration while vitamin K may be used if the doctor perceives that the blood clotting factors are abnormala It is important to have regular check-ups in order to determine the effects of the medicationsn

Cholestasis of Pregnancy
Cholestasis of Pregnancy
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