What medications for migraines are safe in the second trimester of pregnancy?

(January 7, 2010)

Pregnancy Trimesters - Medications for Migraines During Second Trimester of Pregnancy
Headaches are very common during pregnancy, especially while you are in your first trimester. This happens because of the changes in the levels of the female hormone, estrogen. While common headaches are easy to be tackled, migraines are difficult to be tackled and also to be predicted.

Migraine headaches generally disappear as soon as you enter the second trimester and until delivery. However, this again is attributed to the hormonal changes.

Migraine headaches during pregnancy

The good news for those who are suffering from migraines is that during pregnancy, these headaches tend to lessen significantly in comparison to the normal frequency. However, there are some women who may get more frequent ones during pregnancy.

Also, if you have never had a migraine problem earlier, you may get it during pregnancy. All this is because of the shift in the hormonal levels that happens during pregnancy. Migraines are caused when the blood vessels carrying blood to the head dilate or expand in size. When they dilate, it causes a severe pain. The blood volume increases during pregnancy and as a result you may experience migraines during pregnancy, especially while you are in your first trimester.

Treating migraine headaches during pregnancy

Most migraine medicines cannot be consumed by pregnant women. So you can try these simple methods to find some relief from the pain.

•    Take a cold shower: When you take a cold shower, the cold water will help shrink the expanded blood vessels, which, in turn, will relieve the pain.

•    Give cold compression: Giving a cold compression on the back of your neck or your forehead will constrict the blood vessels and ease the pain.

•    Sleep: While sleeping may seem impossible when having a migraine attack, simply lying down and resting will definitely prove comforting. Lying down in a dark room will prove beneficial if you are sensitive to light when having a migraine. Catching a good night’s sleep is the best way to stay away from migraines. If you sleep well at night, you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

•    Massage your temples: A mild massage on your temples or the nasal bridge may help you feel better.

•    Stay away from caffeine: Generally, when we get a headache, we run to fetch a cup of steaming coffee. However, this is a wrong practice. If you are suffering from any kind of headache or migraine, stay away from coffee as it may worsen the headache, especially during pregnancy.

Besides the abovementioned remedies, approach your doctor for some medication if you find no relief. Avoid self-medication, especially during pregnancy, so as to avoid unnecessary complications.

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