Back & Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

Back and abdominal pain during pregnancy is a common ailment that affects millions of women world over. Short lived and mild discomfort is not cause for worry and can be the result of an orgasm, bloating caused by gas because of the hormones that delay digestion and because of the pressure that the uterus exerts on the intestines.

The uterus also exerts a lot of pressure on the rectum and only allows for a slow movement of food through the digestive tract leading to constipation accompanied by discomfort A brief stabbing pain or a persistent dull ache deep in the groin area or on both sides of the lower abdomen usually occurs in the second trimester due to the lengthening and strengthening.



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. of the ligaments in the uterus that is growing bigger with the babyb Getting in and out of bed, coughing and sudden movements can cause this jab of pain and it is usually taken care off with sufficient rests If the rest does not cure it, consult your gynecologist immediatelyl These are the less important causes for abdominal and back pain during pregnancyc See also upper abdominal pain during pregnancy

Causes of Back and Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

The more serious conditions which require immediate medical attention are symptoms like pain accompanied by vaginal discharge, spotting, bleeding, faintness, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting and discomfort while urinatingn Lower back and abdominal pain during pregnancy could be caused by an ectopic pregnancy whereby the fertilized egg plants itself outside the uterus and in the fallopian tubese

On occasion it may rupture and can become life threatening for both mother and childl They could also be signs of an impending miscarriage of preterm labor, a urinary tract infection or appendicitis, food poisoning, stomach virus, hepatitis, kidney stones or an infection in the gall bladdere Visit your doctor and run the necessary tests as soon as possible, in case it is a sign of preterm labor, the doctor will be able to put you on something that will allow you to carry full termr

Remedies on Back and Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

If the back and abdominal pain during pregnancy is proven normal then you may want to sit down and relax by putting your feet upu A good rest can work wonders for this condition but make sure to not move suddenly, or turn your waist around when the pain makes sudden jabsb Walking for short distances on even ground, performing light tasks at home will ease the pain a bit more and you may bend towards the pain a little to relieve iti

Pregnancy Pain: Back and Abdomen
Back and Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy
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