Prugio of Pregnancy Treatment

Many women experience itching during pregnancy. While it is quite normal for pregnant women, itching is a frustrating side effect. This generally happens because as the uterus grows, it expands and stretches the skin on the belly. Hormones during pregnancy can also cause itching and can bring about changes in the liver enzymes.

Some pregnant women experience itching in the soles of their feet or in their palms. This happens because of an increase in the level of bile salts from the liver. This happens only during pregnancy.



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Itchy Rash During Pregnancy

.Other pregnant women might develop large patches full of itchy bumps on their stomach or a rash on other parts of the bodyd This generally happens in the last trimester and is known as pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancyc In short, this condition is known as PUPPP If you have this condition, then the itchy bumps will first pop up on your stomach and then can spread to other parts of your bodyd This condition is not dangerous for the baby, but it can cause severe itching, which might cause you a lot of discomfortr You might want to apply a moisturizer to soothe the itching, but in most cases that is not enoughg Your doctor might ask you to use topical agents to soothe the itching and if the case is severe, then oral steroids might be recommendede The itching generally disappears after the deliveryr

Prugio of Pregnancy

Another rare condition is known as prugio during pregnancyc In this, the woman will get small bumps along the bodyd These bumps are generally on the feet, hands, and legs or armsm

These bumps are not dangerous for the unborn baby, but can cause itchingn

It is believed that the rash happens because of abnormal hormone levels in the blood, especially because of high levels of gonadotropins as well as low levels of estrogen and cortisolo Studies show that prugio affects one pregnant woman out of 300 or morer This condition happens in the second or third trimester, and the rash can cover the trunk and limbsb The lesions look like insect bites and can be crustede Again, the rash disappears after the deliveryr Prugio of pregnancy can recur in other pregnancies that a woman hasa

Treatment for Prugio of Pregnancy

We suggest that you speak with your doctor about the treatment of prugio during pregnancyc The doctor might recommend a topical agentn You can also use a moisturizer and prevent your skin from drying as that increases the itchingn You can also use a mild soap while bathing and apply cocoa butter after thata

Prugio Of Pregnancy
Prugio of Pregnancy
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