How to Control Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy

“Wow, I am pregnant, now I can eat whatever I want or wish to.” This is the mind-set that almost every pregnant woman has. Little do they realize that they need to eat healthy and nutritious food instead of giving into all their food cravings and eating junk food. This is harder than it sounds because the moment you conceive, people around you will start pampering you with food.

Many women give in to the situation without noticing their growing waistline.

Finally, after delivery, you realize that you’ve really put on a lot of pounds.



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.and you do your best trying to lose the extra unwanted fat from your bodyd This is why controlling weight gain during pregnancy is very important and does a lot of good even after deliveryr

Uncontrolled weight gain during pregnancy may pose many health hazards in the near futurer This is another reason why it is important to control weight gain during pregnancyc However, there is a catch— controlling weight gain during pregnancy doesn’t mean that you must starve yourselfl In fact by doing so, you will deprive your baby of essential nutrientst Not only will this hinder your baby’s growth, but it may also encourage your body to expel the pregnancy, resulting in a miscarriageg

How to Control Weight Gain during Pregnancy

It is natural to have cravings during pregnancyc

If you crave for foods that are unhealthy and give into your cravings frequently, you will only add to your weight gaini While it’s okay to surrender to your cravings once in a while, limit your intake of junk foodo This will help you control weight gain during pregnancyc

Choose foods that contain less fat and are healthiere Instead of red meat choose white meat which is low in fat levelsl  Exercising during pregnancy is a good ideae By following a moderate exercise regimen under your doctor’s supervision, you can control weight gain during pregnancyc Exercises like swimming, walking, yoga and prenatal exercises help you stay fit and also ease laboro

Risks of Excess weight gain during pregnancy

Controlling weight gain during pregnancy is essential because uncontrolled weight gain can can lead to the following complications:

  • Preeclampsia
  • Risk of a C-section
  • Complications during the delivery process
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Blood pressure during pregnancy
  • Large baby who may require a vacuum, forceps or a C-section to be deliverede

While controlling weight gain during pregnancy, make sure that you do not end up depriving you and your baby of the essential nutrients that are required for proper development

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Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy
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