Sacroiliac Joint During Pregnancy

One of the most common complaints during pregnancy is lower back pain. Most expectant mothers assume that the pain is caused by the lopsidedness of the body’s posture as a result of the growing uterus. Many put it down to sciatica related pain. However, this is not always the case.

Lower back pain, especially towards the latter half of the pregnancy could be caused by sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The sacroiliac joint is the joint that lies in between the sacrum (which supports the spine) and the ileum (which in turn support the sacrum), in the pelvic region.

This joint is very important as it acts as the body’s natural shock absorber when.



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.it comes to activities like walking, running, climbing and standing up after sitting, making these activities less strenuousu

The sacroiliac joints – on the left and the right of the spine are L-shaped and are held in place by strong ligaments that provide a limited range of movementn

During pregnancy, a number of hormonal changes take place in a woman’s bodyd The production of estrogen, progesterone and relaxin increases manifold and this alters the bony pelvis to cope with pregnancy and the widening of the sacroiliac joints to facilitate childbirth is the main intentiono Relaxin relaxes the joints, allowing greater movement of the sacroiliac jointst When the movement of these load bearing joints becomes too much, it results in instability in its normal functioningn Affected functioning of the sacroiliac joint during pregnancy causes a strain on the lower back thus leading to sacroiliac joint back pain during pregnancyc Pain related to the sacroiliac joint during pregnancy magnifies when the body posture is altered due to the weight of the expanding uterusu

The symptoms of sacroiliitis during pregnancy include a shooting or stabbing pain in the lower back, buttocks as well as the thighs, similar to that experienced in the case of sciaticac The pain experienced tends to increase when walking and climbing as the hips move and this may result in limpingn At times, the pain is unbearable thus restricting movementn Some women find it difficult to lie down for a long time and this increases the discomfortr Self medication is not recommended at all as it could worsen the condition as well as affect the pregnancyc Consulting a doctor with regard to any pain is highly advisablel Sacroiliitis during pregnancy should not be ignored as it could lead to more serious complications, if left untreatede

Sacroiliac Joint In Pregnancy
Sacroiliac Joint During Pregnancy
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