Mouth Sores During Pregnancy

Mouth sores, also known as oral lesions, refer to the sores that appear in any part of the mouth, which includes the inner lips and cheeks, tongue, gums, as well as the palate of the mouth. Hence, the sores that occur in the mouth could encompass cancer sores as well as cold sores (or fever blisters).

While this affliction can affect just about anybody, it is a lot more common for women to see mouth sores during pregnancy.

Causes of Mouth Sores During Pregnancy


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Causes of Mouth Sores During Pregnancy

 In most cases, mouth sores occur because of:

  • An injury or trauma to the area
  • Biting the lip, tongue or check
  • Wearing braces
  • Burning the mouth with hot food or beverages
  • The use of certain medication
  • Undergoing dental treatment

Health experts are not very sure about the precise factors that could lead to mouth sores during pregnancy. However, it is believed that some of the most common reasons, leading to mouth sores during pregnancy could include severe hormonal changes, lack of adequate vitamins, weakened immunity and stress, all of which can be experienced by pregnant women. In some instances mouth sores during pregnancy could be an indication of a severe infection or medical condition, which is why is it essential to consult a doctor and get these sore checked immediately.

Mouth Sores Pregnancy Symptoms

The most common symptom of mouth sores during pregnancy is the appearance of blister-like lesions within the mouth, as well as around the lips. Given below are some of the other symptoms that may be seen by women who are suffering from mouth sores during pregnancy:

  • Fever
  • Drooling
  • Rash on the skin
  • Difficulty in swallowing or talking
  • Listlessness
  • Burning on the tongue and the mouth area
  • Bad breath or mouth odor

Treating Mouth Sores During Pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, there are many men and women who take medication for the treatment of mouth sores; these medicines are not usually suitable for pregnant women and therefore, they may need to rely more on natural methods of treatment. Given below are some of the simple remedies to deal with mouth ulcers during pregnancy:

  • Following a diet, which mainly includes foods that are bland and without oil
  • Gargling with salt water or a good mouth wash twice a day
  • Adopting relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation
  • Getting adequate amounts of sleep and rest everyday

There is a lot of information easily available on mouth sores and pregnancy; however, it is best to seek advice from a doctor in this regard.

Mouth Sores During Pregnancy
Mouth Sores During Pregnancy
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