Exercises For Toddler Speech Development

By Ashley | March 12, 2010
Toddler Speech Exercises

The rate of speech development in babies differs from one child to another. Most babies won’t speak particular words until they are around a year old. Girls tend to develop speech faster than boys. Children can put together sentences with two- three words by the time they turn two. The strength of the child’s oral muscles helps the toddler speak better. Some exercises can help toddlers’ oral muscles strengthen. The simplest things which help are reading out to the toddler, speak to them and label objects. Exaggerating vowels and consonant sounds makes it easier for children to repeat after you. Talk to them in a sing song manner. Point out objects. Call out their names. Repetition is essential for speech development in toddlers. Although videos are educational and fun for the children, don’t use them as a substitute for conversation. When you use television or videos as teaching tools, encourage your toddler to react.

Also, there are certain exercises that help children. These are simple things like blowing, sticking out your tongue. They are called as oral motor exercises. These exercises strengthen your toddler’s mouth and tongue muscles. Work your child’s tongue. Stick out your tongue; see if your child imitates you. Push your tongue up, down and sideways. Click your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Stand in front of the mirror and stick out your tongue, make funny faces. While enjoying a lollipop, show them how they can stick their tongue out and lick it. Place something like jelly on your toddler’s tongue; see if they lick it with their tongue. Kids love straws, show them how to blow bubbles in a cup. Place a small piece of paper and show them how to blow it away with a straw. Give your child some yogurt or a milkshake which is difficult for sucking through a straw. Show them how to blow kisses. Open and close your mouth, pucker your lips and swing them to your left and right, give a wide smile, puff out your cheeks by holding in air and then blow the air out. Make your child imitate these actions.

Bubbles are favorites with children. Give them a bubble wand and let them try to blow bubbles through it. While having a bath, show them how to blow bubbles. Remember children like anything which grabs their attention. Make sure you create some fun while practicing these exercises. These exercises will not only be fun but will also help in developing speech.

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