What are the best exercises for pregnancy third trimester?

(January 27, 2010)

Congratulations, you have reached the third trimester of your pregnancy or the home-stretch as it is commonly known. This is the most important period of your pregnancy as you are nearing your delivery too.  The third trimester starts when you complete 28 weeks of your pregnancy and lasts up to 42 weeks.

This is the time when your baby as well as your body readies for the delivery process. While your baby is busy exercising by kicking, stretching, and changing position, it is equally important that you do not give up with your exercise regime either.

Exercise is still as important as it was before. Walking, stretching, and other mild forms of exercise can help you stay in good form and also help in keeping joint pains and cramps away. It also helps in keeping away aches that occur because of a lack of flexibility during pregnancy.

If you are following any specific exercise regimen like weight training, cardio exercises, or yoga, make sure that you do it under proper supervision. Consult your doctor before getting into any kind of exercise regimen.

You can try swimming, however consult with your doctor and find out which strokes are safe for you. The weightlessness sensation that you get through swimming will help you find relief with your increased belly and the associated pains and aches.

By exercising, the feel-good hormones called endorphins are released in your body and this makes you feel relaxed and happy.  You can follow some low-impact weight training exercises, however, you should only do them under the supervision of a good trainer.

Prenatal yoga is also a good option as it relaxes and rejuvenates you to a large extent. Besides having a good impact on you, it leaves a positive impact on your baby as well. However, you need to be very careful with your movements and you have to avoid jerks and beware of spells of dizziness as well.

While lifting weights, do not lift them while you are standing. Sit down and then lift the weights as during pregnancy you may not be able to balance yourself well as you would do normally. You need to understand that your large belly is vulnerable and hence care must be taken while following a good exercise regime.

You can ride a stationary bike, do rowing, slow stair climbing on a machine and low impact aerobics as they do not have any impact on your knees back or other joints. In your third trimester, you need to remember that your muscles and joints are relaxed due to the hormone called relaxin. So choose an exercise regime that is light and easy on your body.

In case you experience any pain and/or discomfort while doing your exercises, discontinue the exercise and consult your doctor immediately.

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