Importance of Pregnancy Exercise

By Ashley | November 6, 2009
Benefits Of Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful and crucial times in a woman’s life and it is at this time that the health of mother and child are equally important. A well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle play a vital role in ensuring that both are well and healthy. In addition, regular exercise ensures that the mother remains fit and flexible, passing on the benefits to the little baby in her womb.

Pregnancy brings along numerous physical, mental and hormonal changes in a to-be mother. Regular exercise helps in maintaining control over these changes. Most women feel weak, tired and sleepy, especially in the initial stages of pregnancy. Exercise plays an important role here as it boosts the endorphin levels in the body thus enhancing energy levels and mental alertness. As a pregnancy advances, the joints and tissues tend to get worn out. Exercise ensures fitness of the joints by encouraging the production of fluids needed to lubricate them. Back pain is especially common in pregnant women. A light exercise routine also assists in toning and strengthening the muscles and improving body posture, thus relieving back and body aches. Exercise also improves blood circulation, ensures the proper functioning of various organs of the body and a healthy gain in weight. Weight gain is essential for the wellbeing of an unborn child but should be through a well balanced healthy diet and lifestyle.

During a pregnancy, paying close attention to the safety of your unborn baby is a matter of priority. Hence, consulting your gynecologist with regard to your exercise routine is recommended as the exercise and level of exertion may vary from woman to woman, depending on the condition and stage of the pregnancy. Most women manage to go through the whole pregnancy following their normal daily routine with loads of exercise. However, some cases may be sensitive and minimal exertion is advised. Hence, the choice of exercise plays a significant role. Attending an exercise class especially catering to pregnant women is advisable to minimize the risk of undertaking detrimental exercises. Pregnancy Yoga or a small walk daily is known to be beneficial to expectant mothers. It is not too strenuous but yet, keeps the body fit and promotes digestion of food. Light stretching exercises make muscles flexible. Abdominal exercises prepare the cervix and uterus for delivery. Exercising during pregnancy also reduces the strain during labor and delivery. Meditation and deep breathing exercises curb stress and reduce anxiety levels thus ensuring a safe, full term pregnancy.

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