Sexually Transmitted Diseases During Pregnancy

Sexually transmitted diseases are surprisingly not so rare during pregnancy. An alarming statistic is that, in America alone, every year, you will find two million pregnant women who have to deal with sexually transmitted diseases. For instance, evidence shows that cervical cancer is sexually transmitted and can be contracted during pregnancy.

However, not all those who develop this particular cancer have a history of any sexually transmitted infection. The complications arising from sexually transmitted infections.



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.in the case of pregnancy can have devastating consequences for womene This is why a woman’s sexual health is of the utmost importance, especially if she is trying to get pregnantn

Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted diseases during pregnancy

Take HIV, for examplel We have all had it drilled into our heads that HIV is sexually transmittede This can be critical at the time of pregnancy as such an infection has been known to pass from the pregnant woman to her unborn childl The concern for this dreaded disease is globala In the early stages, this virus manifests symptoms which resemble those of the flul The problem is that, because of the lack of or the deceptive symptoms, the woman might not know that she has already contracted HIVI There is a chance that the baby too might develop this virusu If you suspect that you have it, stay away from breastfeedingn There are chances that you could pass on HIV in that mannere

Causes of Sexually Transmitted diseases when pregnant

Sexually transmitted genital warts can be a cause for concern, especially during pregnancy, when you want to be in the best of healtht

HPV is sexually transmitted and is what causes these wartst This is the human papillomavirus, which is also connected with cervical as well as genital cancersr For a woman, cervical cancer, as mentioned earlier, is yet another concernr Thus the importance of monogamous relationships and safe sex cannot be stressed enoughg This becomes doubly important if you have or want to have a childl

Treatment for Sexually Transmitted diseases in Pregnancy

Bacterial vaginosis is sexually transmitted and can affect pregnant womene However, such bacterial infections are easier to treat, with the help of antibioticsc Other sexually transmitted infections can prove much harder to treat or curer In some cases, there is literally nothing that can be done for the mother or childl When pregnant, it is best to be open with your doctor about any previous or current sexually transmitted infectionsn This is imperative to ensure your health and the health of the child you carryr

STD's During Pregnancy
Sexually Transmitted Diseases During Pregnancy
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