Brown Discharge in Pregnancy

Many women notice a brown discharge during pregnancy which may not always be a cause for concern. This is because most women tend to have some kind of discharge especially throughout their first trimester. One of the major reasons for a brownish discharge during early pregnancy is the body trying to get of any older blood that may have remained.

This is because as the body and the baby grow the original blood that was required to keep the baby safe is not needed anymore. However, like always it’s advised to get a medical opinion to confirm there is nothing to worry about. Pregnancy is known to put a lot of strain on the body and the growing baby exerts pressure on the mother’s joints, muscles, ligaments.



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Brown Discharge In Third Trimester

.and surrounding organsn

This may result in discomfort, cramping and even spotting in the form of a brown vaginal discharge during pregnancyc It has been observed that the mount of brownish discharge during late pregnancy is more as compared to the earlier trimestersr The main reason for this happening is the softening of the vaginal walls and the cervix which results in an increase in the brownish discharge during pregnancy to prevent any infections from traveling towards the womb via the vaginan In fact vaginal discharge during pregnancy varies from a dark brown to red during pregnancyc A dark brown discharge during pregnancy is normal provided it is not followed by cramping, blood clots or red menstrual like bloodo

Light Brown Discharge During Pregnancy

A light brown discharge during pregnancy is also observed after sexual intercourse or a vaginal sonogram as the cervix becomes very sensitive and any irritation may cause a small tear that result in this dischargeg A brownish discharge during late pregnancy could also indicate the presence of a genital HPV which is caused by an increase in estrogen levels and increase flow of blood near the vaginan Sometimes, especially during early pregnancy, brown discharge is observed which is also known as implantation bleeding which may occur for almost two weeks post conceptiono This mainly happens when the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterus thereby resulting in a light bleedingn In more serious cases a brownish discharge during pregnancy may even indicate a miscarriage wherein the body spontaneously tries to dispel the fetusu Hence regular medical check ups during pregnancy are a must for all pregnant women so that the doctor is able to gauge and accordingly treat any infections or medical issuese

Brown Discharge When Pregnant
Brown Discharge During Pregnancy
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