Coping with a Postpartum Vagina and Lochia Stages.

Postpartum Vaginal Bleeding

The postpartum vagina can be sore and tender from the strain of delivery and the muscles around the region are likely to be lax. Postpartum vaginal bleeding or discharge called lochia that occurs after the birth of your child may last for about two to eight weeks and is nothing to be worried about as it is a sign that the placental site is healing.

The initial blood flow is likely to be bright.



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.red in color and this soon becomes dark brown, then slightly pinkish until it turns into a white discharge and then disappears completelyl

Lochia is divided into three stages, the first being Lochia rubra which occurs in the first three to five days of postpartum vaginal dischargeg The bleeding is bright red in color because of the large amounts of red blood cells it containsn Lochia serosa is the second stage which takes over roughly ten days after delivery and during this stage the color of the discharge becomes a brownish or pinkish coloro The third stage- lochia alba occurs last of all and may sometimes take up to six weeks to clear up after childbirtht

The discharge is normally white or yellowish-whitet When this bleeding happens, you may want to abstain from sexual contact and use a sanitary napkin and not a tampon to soak up the bloodo Cotton sanitary napkins are best to avoid irritation and it reduces the chances of a rash and other infectionsn

It is important to cleanse the region preferably with water or with soft moist tissuese

Treatment for Vaginal Bleeding Postpartum Depression

The hospital usually gives the young mother a peri bottle which can be filled with warm water and squirted onto the vaginal area and the perineum every time you use the restroomo A shower bath every day using soap and warm water would be a good idea, but avoid bubble baths and do not use douches or powder on your vaginal area as it may introduce infections into your bodyd If you have had an incision made in the perineum area, then the stitches may take a couple of weeks to heal completelyl A vaginal tear that has been stitched up may also be painful and vulnerable to infectiono You may apply an ice pack onto the affected area or go in for a tepid batht A witch hazel pad that is chilled will also reduce the discomfortr

Postpartum vaginal bleeding will require medical attention if the discharge has a foul odor, the clots that you pass out are larger than normal, you soak your pads thoroughly and have to change them every two hours ,or if you are running a fever higher than 38 C

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