Reasons Of Postpartum Bloodshot Eyes & Treatments

Most mothers tend to experience postpartum bloodshot eyes where the eyes may appear red and swollen and may sometimes also feel itchy and sore. There may be dark circles or bags under the eyes after delivery, in addition to appearing red. Postpartum bloodshot eyes may be a result of the strain and fatigue of childbirth.

Before and after a difficult labor, your stress levels tend to be very high and you may not have had very restful sleep. This is one of the primary factors that lead to postpartum bloodshot eyes. In addition, during the second stage of labor, a lot of physical strain is exerted while trying to push the baby.


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This intensive pushing sometimes causes the small capillaries in the eyes to burst.

Causes of Bloodshot Eyes During Postpartum

Burst capillaries in the eyes are thus another significant cause of postpartum bloodshot eyes. Capillaries could also burst in the face and the upper chest region and this could lead to purplish or red marks on your body. These burst capillaries will start to heal quickly, however, your eyes may take at least a few weeks to recover completely. While postpartum bloodshot eyes are no cause for alarm, if you notice that there are other capillary bursts elsewhere on your body and if you are bruising easily, then you should consult your doctor immediately.

Remedies for Bloodshot Eyes During Postpartum

Since you may not get adequate rest soon after childbirth, your eyes may appear puffy and tired for some time. Your body tends to retain additional bodily fluids after delivery and this may also contribute to the bags under your eyes that commonly occur along with postpartum bloodshot eyes. There are several ways to care for bloodshot eyes at home. One of the easiest and most effective ways to fight postpartum bloodshot eyes is to apply a cold compress to your eyes and the areas around your eyes several times a day. Soak a washcloth in cold water and place it on your eyes.

Alternatively, you can rub ice cubes directly on your eyes or wrap them in a thin cloth and place it over your eyes. This will help curb redness and inflammation. You can try to use tea bags to treat postpartum bloodshot eyes. Place used tea bags in the refrigerator to allow them to cool. Then place chilled tea bags on your eyes for fifteen minutes every time. Tea contains a natural astringent that will help diminish puffiness and redness. Sleep with your head raised to avoid accumulation of fluids. Avoid eating foods that contain excessive salt. Ensure that you get as much rest as possible as this will effectively reduce the fatigue and strain on the eyes.

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