Toddler thrown up 3 days in a row at night?

(October 22, 2012)

Why is my toddler throwing up at night?

Throwing up in toddlers is definitely not a new or an unusual occurrence and as a parent you are probably quite used to it. However, if you notice your toddler throwing up at night, after being fine all day long, then you are bound to get worried. Many parents have a pediatrician check their child, just to make sure that their toddler vomiting at night is not a major cause for concern. There are several factors that could lead to toddler throwing up at night, some of which include:

  • Disorders such as GERD or acid reflux
  • Eating heavy meals or overeating during dinner
  • Excessive accumulation of mucus in the stomach during the night
  • Food poisoning because of having contaminated foods or beverages
  • Intolerance or allergies towards certain foods
  • Lying down immediately after a meal
  • Post nasal drip or sinus problems
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Severe cold or cough

At times toddler throwing up at night could be an indication of an early tumor. Fortunately, this is quite a rare occurrence.

Most of the causes of toddler throwing up at night are quite serious and should be treated by a doctor as early as possible. That is why you need to make sure that a doctor examines your toddler without any delay.

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Toddler Throwing Up

Vomiting is a common problem with toddlers. Often, vomiting a few times is not symptomatic of anything serious. Your toddler may just be suffering from minor indigestion or may have an allergy to something new in his/her diet. However, in some cases, vomiting could be indicative of a more serious disorder and should thus be taken care of immediately. You should seek medical attention immediately if your toddler has symptoms like difficulty in breathing, shows any signs of severe dehydration, like splotchy hands and feet, sunken eyes, dizziness or excessive sleeping, in addition to vomiting. In addition, if your toddler’s vomit contains traces of blood (small amounts of blood is generally normal, but your toddler requires medical help if the amount of blood in his vomit continues to increase and if its color resembles dark coffee) and bile or if he/she shows any indication of experiencing abdominal pain then you should consult your doctor immediately as your toddler could be suffering from a bowel blockage or other serious conditions. If your toddler has experienced a head injury and has been vomiting more than once following this injury, then he may require medical attention for a concussion. If your child has been very irritable or lethargic, in addition to vomiting, then he/she may also be suffering from meningitis.

Your toddler may also be vomiting on account of a disorder like jaundice. If your toddler’s skin or the whites of his/her eyes have yellowed, in addition to symptoms of vomiting, then it is likely that your child is suffering from jaundice. Once you have identified the underlying cause of your toddler’s vomiting, then you can decide on a likely course of treatment. Generally, mild symptoms of vomiting can be cared for at home. One of the most important things to remember when your child is vomiting is that he/she can become dehydrated very easily on account of rapid loss of fluids from the body. Therefore, while caring for vomiting at home, ensure that you give your child plenty of fluids and electrolyte solutions to help prevent dehydration. Electrolyte solutions will be available at your local pharmacy and contain an essential mixture of glucose, salt and water that will help keep your toddler’s body chemistry stable. In addition, you can try a few simple remedies to help control your toddler’s vomiting. Chamomile, ginger and peppermint tea are very effective in treating vomiting.

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