What to Expect from a 6 Week Postpartum Check Up?

The postpartum checkup is the culmination of a long line of checkups, the first being your prenatal engagement. Although there may be slight variations from practice to practice, most midwives and doctors set up a 6 weeks postpartum checkup.

This is basically to ensure that you are doing well both at an emotional and physical level. Those who have undergone a C-section may have to schedule their postpartum checkup earlier to ensure that there is proper healing.



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.of the incisiono Keep a list of questions ready to ask your doctor when you go for your visiti Also make sure to arrange that someone stays with your newborn while you are at the clinici

Here is what you can expect at your postpartum checkup:

  • Your doctor will measure your blood pressure and also check your weighth
  • He or she will check both your belly and breasts to ensure that there is no tendernesss The doctor will also be checking to see that there are no lumps in your breasts and any kind of discharge from your nipple that is abnormala Your doctor will also ensure that there are no clogged ducts especially if you are breastfeedingn
  • An internal checkup is necessary to look for any bruising, scratches and tears in the cervix or vaginal areasa A pap smear may also be donen During the internal examination a thorough checkup of you uterus and ovaries is donen
  • You will also be given the permission to have sex againi

    You may not feel up to it thoughg Do not worry, this is normala Check with your doctor for birth control options at this time as welll
  • Use this opportunity to talk about anything that is bothering youo You may be curious about what happened during the time of delivery as you may not remember everything clearlyl
  • If there are any emotional problems bothering you talk about them to your doctoro A number of women do have occasional mood swings during post pregnancy, but if you think yours is a serious problem or what is known as postpartum depression check what your options are with regards to a therapists
  • If there are any lab tests that need to be done your doctor is going to order them nowo Also check with your doctor when you need to go in for the next routine check-upu
  • There might be some discomfort during your check-upu Simple breathing exercises will help you feel bettere
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