Health Problems During Postpartum Incision

There is a considerable increase in Cesarean Section deliveries not because of choice but due to circumstances during delivery many women face a lot of problem after the surgery. A woman goes through a lot of pain after a C section and this is mainly due to the stitches where the incision was made - that is at the lower abdomen.

Postpartum Incision Pain is also affected by the contractions after the birth of a child. This is the time or the period when the uterus which has expanded up to 25 times its original size is now getting back to its original size.

Problems Faced During Postpartum Incision Pain


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Taking Care Of After Birth Stitches

There are quite a few things that a woman should not do. For example, after the birth of a baby it is necessary for the woman to rest completely as it will be difficult for her to move about during the first few days. Since the wound is fresh the woman should avoid lifting heavy object or even bending. Another thing could be carrying the baby only for sometime that is short intervals rather than for long periods this could add more pain. Postpartum Incision Pain will also add discomfort while you try to sit or stand. You could ask a family member or relatives to come over to help you since you require rest as well as care during the first few weeks. Also after a few days or weeks the area around the incision turns dark and rises a little bit. Also one can feel itchy in the area. The area of the incision feels numb.

Constipation also could be a possibility during this time.

Postpartum Incision Pain Treatment

When the surgery takes place the doctor analyses the recovery of the women and would according prescribe some tablets or pain killers. Also a physiotherapist can teach you some exercises which need to be done slowly which will help you from recovering faster. Also while feeding the baby you could place a pillow on your lap this would avoid from touch the wound or any pressure while carrying the baby on your lower abdominal area where the incision is. Have plenty of fluids to avoid constipation. In case the incision area turns red in color please consult your doctor immediately. Also a women diet during this time plays an important role she should have foods which are high in protein and vitamin C. The recovery for women after a c-section would at least take 6 to 8 weeks of time.

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