What Causes Hives During Postpartum Depression & How To Treat It

Postpartum hives is an issue for some women but there are a lot of differences observed. There is not much information on this particular topic since the link between the two has not been explored fully. Women report hives after different lengths of time following giving birth.

It could be the emotional upheaval that comes with birth that could be leading to the case of hives. It might surprise you to know that a physical problem like hives could have purely mental and emotional links. This is because of the fact that stress can be a leading.



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. factor behind the appearance of hivese At the same time, one has to remember that hives could be brought on by various other factors such as the postpartum medication that you have taken or animal dandere These welts can cause a lot of discomfort in addition to that itchingn Do check with your doctor whether the welts you have developed are hives or some other kind of medical probleme

Treatment for Hives During Postpartum Depression

To get rid of the hives problem, one has to carefully reassess one's situation and determine the factors that could be behind the probleme Aside from the probable cause of stress one has to look into other factors such as the development of an allergyg It could help to take measures to tackle the stress involved after giving birtht This could mean something as simple as enlisting the help of one's loved ones or temporarily hiring some helpl

The stress after birth can be overwhelming since the sheer volume of work can suffocate the new mothere This is added to the fact that the mother still needs time to recuperate physicallyl Thus, aside from the following home treatments which can help you deal with an attack of hives, you would need to find measures to keep the inevitable stress levels to a minimumu While hot showers may sound like a good idea for those itchy welts, you should avoid these if you have postpartum hivese The heat can cause an adverse reaction in the already inflamed skini You might find that certain topical applications are useful when it comes to soothing these angry red wheals, like calamine lotiono

In general, it might help if you take some time off for yourself in order to prevent a recurrence of these postpartum hivese Understandably, time to oneself may seem like a myth once the baby arrives, but it is very important that the new mother gets time to recuperate completelyl

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