How To Avoid Stress During Pregnancy?

(November 30, 2010)

The duration of pregnancy in women is approximately 9 months. During this time, several physical changes occur as the body performs the various tasks that are associated with delivering a fully developed baby. Pregnancy is controlled by several different hormones within the body. These hormones are responsible for the functioning of various different components of the woman’s body. Hormonal chances are also responsible for emotional changes. It should be expected that a woman who is pregnant will have variable moods as she deals with the stresses on her body. The duration of pregnancy is usually divided into three trimesters because of the marked differences that occur during these three time periods.

Stress is a result of some events that have triggered an emotional response. There are many causes of stress during pregnancy. These include fights and arguments about the various tasks that need to be done during pregnancy. A woman suffering from nausea and morning sickness may be less tolerant of her partner and the family members around and this might cause friction and stress. Stress may also be associated with the desire to do the many household tasks that are needed in order to prepare the house for a new born baby. Most women are ‘on edge’ during pregnancy which means that normal events may trigger stronger emotional responses.

It is extremely important to avoid stress during pregnancy. Extreme stress during pregnancy is likely to cause variations in the physical condition of the woman. Prolonged stress causes high blood pressure and this is considered to be dangerous for the baby and for the mother. It is important for a woman and her support system to use stress relievers during pregnancy. Reducing a woman’s stress provides her with some chance for relaxation. This helps her body return to its normal state of rest. An important way of reducing stress during pregnancy is to clear up all arguments that may have happened. In many cases, the stress itself triggers off an argument between the woman and her partner. Resolving an argument quickly can help to reduce stress. A woman can use some therapeutic stress relievers during pregnancy. A massage tends to relax the body and improve blood circulation. This can help to ease the mother’s tension and improve her mood. It is important to remember that her body is under constant strain during pregnancy and any relief that can be given to her must be given. 

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