Effects of Stress on the Mother & Baby During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on August 17, 2012

Stress is a problem faced by most individuals in all walks of life. Stress may be due to financial or career related issues, emotional attachments or a range of other problems in one's life that may be worrisome. It is virtually impossible for a person to avoid stress completely, but it is considered to be healthy when one does all that is possible to avoid stress. Stress can cause hormonal changes that raise blood pressure. Cortisol is a hormone that is produced in higher quantities when a person is stressed. This can lead to the development of a persistent ...


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.high blood pressure because the increased concentration of cortisol can cause blood pressure to be higher than it normally would beb

Stress during pregnancy is harmful for both the mother and the unborn childl

The development of the child during pregnancy is vital for the health of the child throughout its adult lifef Any problems that may occur at that time will be harmful to the babyb During pregnancy, the baby depends on the mother for the supply of nutrition and oxygene If the mother is in a state of stress, her blood pressure will likely be highg This can have a detrimental effect on the baby as it means that the baby will be exposed to high blood pressurer Extreme stress during pregnancy is extremely likely to cause the baby to suffer from high blood pressure later in lifef This is, obviously, an unwanted situationo

Many people tend to ignore the physical effects that emotional changes are responsible foro When a woman is happy and content, she is likely to be relaxed and therefore her body is likely to be a good place for the growing baby to developo When she is stressed, a number of physical changes may occur and these can be harmful to the babyb

It is important for a pregnant mother to deal with her stress effectivelyl When one ignores stress, it can have a long term impact on both the mother and the babyb Stress management starts with dealing with domestic issues so that there is nothing that is obviously bothering the womana Any arguments or fights between a woman and her partner must be dealt with so that there is no aggravationo There are several ways in which a woman can take care of her stresss These include opting for relaxation techniques and therapies such as massagese

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