Stress During Pregnancy First Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Studies have indicated that pregnant mothers who are experiencing high levels of stress during pregnancy tend to transfer their stress to their baby in the form of some kind of distress signals. This can in turn produces raised levels of those hormones which speed up delivery. Unnecessary stress during pregnancy and the effect on the baby and the mother is something that should be discussed in detail with a doctor. Thus the main aim or concern of people around pregnant women is to ensure that a pregnant woman's stress is at a minimum level. Pregnant women should try and ensure that they are emotionally happy...


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.and are feeling contentn Research has indicated that the mother's emotional state has a direct impact on fetal developmentn

The mother's state of mind can also impact the future health of the childl Extreme stress during pregnancy can be caused by various different influencese Some of the main causes of stress during the first trimester is the state of being pregnantn Some pregnant mothers worry or stress about the financial impact of getting pregnant and having a babyb Other pregnant women worry about their careers and the impact of having a baby on iti At times some of the worries may centre on the pregnancy itself and the health of the unborn infantn Some stress can even be the result of inordinate pressure on the work front or can be the result of the woman suffering some kind of abuse from the relationship she may be ini Even the death of a close family member or friend may cause the pregnant woman to feel stressede At times the pregnancy may be an unwanted one which can also add to the stress levelsl Most pregnant women cannot do much about the situations which give rise to stresss However being aware of the effects on the fetal development and also the mother's health is vitala Some of the health issues that are faced include the higher incidence of low birth babies and also of preterm birthsh

The main hypothesis of most researchers is that cortisol which is the hormone that is associated with depression can lead to the reduction of the blood supply to the placenta which then leads to premature laboro Some of the ways to relieve maternal stress is to take up a peaceful hobby or activityt Meditation and yoga for pregnant women can help in reducing stress levelsl Going for long walks or listening to soothing music can also helpl Pregnant women should ensure that they are eating healthily and getting adequate amounts of sleepe

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