Effects of Stress During Pregnancy

Stress can be felt in a complicated pregnancy and even in an uncomplicated one. It is a very common side effect of life. But it can be quite harmful during a woman’s pregnancy hence it is essential that pregnant women reduce their anxiety and stress levels. Stress is known to have many side effects especially during the pregnancy. Studies have indicated that higher levels of stress can cause a person’s heart rate to accelerate, can increase blood pressure levels. Stress during pregnancy effects can be a big contributor to the increased chances of a premature delivery. Another effect of stress during pregnancy is the possibility...


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...of a low birth weight baby. Basically the effects of stress during pregnancy on a baby are never good.

Whatever the woman eats can affect the baby, as also, the woman’s stress levels and her emotional health. It is vital that the woman reduce her stress levels drastically and also her anxiety levels to help provide a healthy and an optimal environment for the child.

All stress is not termed as bad stress especially that stress which can be managed and channelized during the course of the pregnancy. Stress management involves the woman taking care of herself, finding healthy outlets to help relieve the stress and the anxiety and also attempting to feel rested. Most women do not suffer from any ill effects of stress during the course of the pregnancy once they learn how to take steps to handle the stress. Some of the ways to reduce one’s stress and manage it include eating a diet that is healthy and well balanced. When a person eats on time especially a pregnant woman it can provide them with the energy to manage their day well and not feel tired or over worked. It is essential to get plenty of sleep. The lesser the sleep the more tired one feels and hence the more stressed one is likely to get. Having a relaxing bath can help a person to unwind and relax after the stresses of the day and thus reduce the stress. Exercise is very essential for the well being of the body and the mind. It is a great way to cope with the stresses of daily life. Yoga, meditation all work as stress reduction techniques. Talking with the health practitioner can help in assuaging any work related stress a person might be feeling. Even talking with one’s partner about any stresses can be a great way to de stress and feel happy about the arrival of the baby. Stress during pregnancy has a detrimental effect on offspring and should be avoided at all costs.

Effects Of Stress On Pregnancy
Stress During Pregnancy Effects
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