Stress During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Pregnancy is women lasts for approximately 9 months. This period of 9 months is usually divided into three different periods known as trimesters. This division is made because the three periods of pregnancy are distinctly different from each other based on the effect that the pregnancy has on the mother and also based on the development of the fetus. The first trimester is characterized by some unpleasant morning sickness as the cocktail of hormones tends to have an effect on the woman's digestive processes. Women are also often exhausted at this time as their body is coping with the developing fetus within.


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The second trimester is usually considered to be the easy trimester. The symptoms of exhaustion and morning sickness tend to reduce by the time this phase has begun. During this phase, the woman will also not have a huge pregnancy bump which means that there is no imbalance or excess weight to carry around.

However, many women suffer from stress during pregnancy second trimester. The feeling of wellbeing that is associated with a lack of morning sickness symptoms means that the woman often tries to do too much. There are always preparations that one needs to make in a family for a new born baby. These are often overwhelming and may cause stress during the second trimester. An additional factor in this stress is the woman's desire to do a lot around the house and her inability to do so as there are physical limits to her stamina and strength even though she may not be feeling as exhausted as she used to during the first trimester. This often causes mental and emotional stress. An addition to this problem, one finds that pregnant women are full of hormones that can easily affect the mood and cause depression during second trimester. A large number of women will not suffer from any of these symptoms.

A woman suffering from stress must find an effective way of dealing with the situation. Stress relief can be sought by simply taking the support of family members around. Often, simply discussing one's problems provides relief and eases the stress. Another way of dealing with stress during second trimester is to indulge oneself with therapeutic solutions such as a massage. Some women also find manicures and pedicures to be relaxing and these may be tried because it is important for the mother to be completely at ease so that her stress does not affect the pregnancy process.

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