First, Second, Third Trimester Pregnancy Development Stages

Once you have found out that you are pregnant, the next thing is to understand in full detail the different stages of pregnancy and what to expect in each of the stages. Each week, the baby grows inside you until you ultimately give birth around the fortieth week. However, to understand the pregnancy without many complications, the entire period of pregnancy is divided into three trimesters.

With each of these three pregnancy stages, fetus development becomes more marked.

The trimesters are designed keeping in mind the.



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.development of the pregnancy and you have to take care of yourself differently in each of the trimestersr In its early stages, pregnancy is not that apparent and you may not have a lot of problem dealing with your pregnancy issuese However, as time progresses, your body will also experience several changes and therefore it is better to be prepared for thoses

First Trimester During Pregnancy

This is the first stage of the development of the fetus and the fetus grows with remarkable speed during this stageg The first trimester is twelve weeks long and during this period, the fetus grows about three inches longn The organs take their initial shape and by the end of the twelfth week, many of the organs are fully formed and functioningn This, however, is also the time when the hormone secretion is at its peaka You may begin to experience morning sickness and constant nauseae You will feel fatigued and will develop aversion to certain food stuffsf

This is an important time for the development of the fetus and it may take a toll on your healtht Therefore, in this period, keep consuming a nutritional diet and take multivitamin supplements that your doctor may prescribeb

Second Trimester During Pregnancy

The second trimester is three months long and during this period, the baby grows fully and all the body parts begin to function normallyl If you have a baby after the second trimester, it will have fully maturede At the end of this trimester, the baby weighs around two-three pounds and is about fourteen inches longn Your abdomen will grow to accommodate the growing babyb Fortunately, this is a period when your hormones will begin to settle down and the distress that it caused you will be minimala

Third Trimester During Pregnancy

In the last stage of pregnancy, the baby is mature enough to sustain itself outside the womb environmentn The baby’s organs are fully developed and functioning and the baby will have developed the average full weight of about seven pounds

The Stages Of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Stages
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