Pregnancy Calendars Week By Week

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 18, 2012

Pregnancy Week Calendar

Pregnancy week by week calendars give exact details on the different stages of pregnancy that are there and the changes that take place in your body the various symptoms of pregnancy. These Calendars also help to understand how the baby is growing and developing and so on. Pregnancy lasts for a total of 9 months that is around 40 weeks which means it goes on for 280 days. To make the calculation simpler, these stages are divided into 3 trimesters of 13 weeks where week one is calculated from ...


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.the first day that you got your last periodo Your baby is only an embryo by the end of the fourth week wherein the brain, spinal cord, heart of the baby are beginning to form and the leg buds and arms can be seene

The structure of their external body and all the important organs begin to form by the 8th week of pregnancy and the heart beats of your baby can also be feltl The embryo is a fetus only at the end of 8 weeks and is almost an inch longn At the 12th week, the baby has grown and is much longer that is about 3 inches where they can make a fist and it is after this stage that you can know if you have a baby boy or girlr

Your second trimester begins from the 13th week that goes on till the 28th week and by the 16th week; the baby is 4 to 5 inches long and tries to suck with the moutht It is at this stage that the skin is forming and also develops the meconium that is the first bowel movement of your babyb At week 20, you have completed half the stage of your pregnancy and your baby is around 6 inches long and weighing almost 9 ouncese Your baby is able to hear as well as swallow and is very active where you can feel their slight movementst Their toenails, eyelashes, eyebrows and fingernails have been formed and they are even able to scratch themselvese By the end of the 24th week, hair begins to grow on your baby’s head and they are about 12 inches long and sleep and wake up on a regular basisi Your baby’s tongue develops the taste bud at this stageg During the third trimester by the end of week 32, the bones of the baby are fully formed, they kick a lot and by the end of the 37th week, they are full term and their organs are in a position to function on their ownw

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