Calculating Pregnancy Week by Week

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

A pregnancy calendar and pregnancy calculator week by week helps in showing a pregnant woman the exact timetable for the 40 week pregnancy tenure and also helps calculate the approximate due date. A weekly pregnancy calendar shows details of the pregnancy like the growth and development of the baby, changes in the body of the pregnant woman, nutritional information for both the mother and the baby and also complications that are common during the pregnancy. Since it is not possible to visit the doctor every now and then during pregnancy, a pregnant woman can...


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.use an online pregnancy calculator week by week to monitor the development of her babyb This calculator shows the weekly development of the baby including physical developments, movements and even developmental complications that could take placec

A pregnancy calendar also shows how the pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters and what different changes take place in both the mother and the baby in each trimestere The illustrations and pictures shown in these calendars also help a pregnant woman to see how her baby looks at different stages in the pregnancyc

A due date calculator week by week provides a weekly display of the pregnancy from the first day of the last monthly menstrual period to the fortieth week markr This is the most common method of calculating the due date of a pregnancyc A pregnancy calculator by conception date on the other hand helps you determine the due date of pregnancy depending on the date of conceptiono However in most cases it is difficult to determine the exact date of conception and hence a pregnancy calculator can even help determine the probable date of conception and the due date based on the date of the last menstrual periodo In addition a pregnancy calculator week by week shows symptoms experienced by pregnant women in different stages of their pregnancyc Symptoms would definitely differ from woman to woman but this calculator helps pregnant women understand why they may be experiencing certain symptoms in their pregnancyc

A weight gain pregnancy calculator week by week helps a pregnant woman to monitor her weight gain during the entire pregnancy periodo The amount of weight a woman should gain during pregnancy largely depends on her weight before conceptiono Hence a weight gain calculator can help women avoid putting on excess weight during pregnancy and also avoid pregnancy related complicationsn

It is important to note however, that these are to be used only as a guidance tool and whatever you choose to do or not to do must be in accordance with the opinion of your doctoro

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