How do you determine how many weeks you are pregnant when you have a longer than 28 day cycle?

(June 11, 2010)

Ovulation Calculator For Pregnancy

A normal pregnancy for most women will last for about 280 days. This is calculated from the last menstrual period or the LMP. This LMP is usually about 266 days from the time of conception to the time of birth. The initial two weeks of a woman’s pregnancy takes into account the time of a woman’s period, her ovulation cycle and also her most fertile period. Conception will normally occur about 14 to even 16 days post the first day of the woman’s period. The exact date of a woman’s conception cannot always be known. This is found to vary amongst different women.

Most women will usually know their last menstrual period and the doctors tend to use this date to help them in calculating the start date of the woman’s pregnancy. Then from this date of the last menstrual period, the doctor will then add on another 280 days and will arrive at the EDD. This EDD is known as the Estimated Due Date. Thus in general most doctors do tend to agree that most pregnancies that use this last menstrual period date technique then average about 280 days or about 40 weeks.

One can even use the pregnancy calculator to help them in determining the due date of the birth. They can also use the pregnancy calculator to calculate the possible conception date of the pregnancy and also calculate the final end of the woman’s first and even second trimesters.

One can also use the pregnancy calculator to help them in calculating exactly how many weeks the woman has already been pregnant. One can also estimate the age of the fetus by using the pregnancy calculator. One can use this calculator to calculate exactly how many weeks the woman has been pregnant as per a given date. One can calculate the date that the woman became pregnant in relation to the exact number of weeks and finally one can also figure out the conception date if one knows the due date or the birth date. Normally the fetal age or the gestational age is that time when a fetus has begun to develop in its mother’s womb starting from the date of conception. Thus the pregnancy calculator will take into account the fetal age and this is considered to be more accurate by most medical accounts. The calculator also considers the number of days of the woman’s menstrual cycle and her conception date. It will provide a breakdown of all three trimesters too.

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