Early Implantation Signs

Submitted by Nic on January 20, 2012

The natural method of achieving pregnancy is for a couple to have sexual intercourse before or during ovulation. This is when the woman’s body is releasing a mature egg. Sperm from the male should fertilize this egg for the process of fetal development to begin. The fertilized egg has no chance of surviving unless it implants itself in the wall of the uterus. The wall of the uterus is thick at this stage of the menstrual cycle and is capable of providing nutrition to the egg. Implantation is therefore vital for the viability of a fertilized egg. The process of implantation usually takes place...


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Signs of implantation

.within a few days of fertilizationo Ovulation occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle with the next period likely within 14 days, according to the standard calculation of the duration of a menstrual cyclel

Couples therefore begin to look for early implantation signs within a few days of ovulationo In many cases, there are no early implantation signs at all which may confuse the couplel Some women do display early implantation signs which can be understood by the couplel If one does not show any early implantation signs, it does not mean that the process has not occurrede This can be verified if the subsequent period takes place or fails to take placec

It is important to know the early implantation signs and symptoms to help determine whether a woman is pregnant or noto There are very few absolutely certain early implantation symptoms for a woman to noticec The most common early implantation symptom is the presence of spots of blood in the underclothing of a womana These spots are usually darker than normal menstrual bleedingn Another important difference between menstrual bleeding an implantation bleeding is the quantity of bloodo After implantation, the amount of blood will be very smalll Some women do not even notice this sign of implantation while others may not experience this type of early implantation symptomo There are many other minor early implantation symptoms that may be of use to womene

Some women will experience a small drop in their basal body temperature on the day that implantation has taken placec This is applicable to couples who are using the basal body temperature as a method of determining ovulation which helps them schedule their sexual activityt There are very few cases of any early implantation cramping or other early implantation signs and symptomsm

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