Implantation Symptoms and Pregnancy Test

Submitted by Nick on January 30, 2012

Implantation is a normal process, which occurs in all pregnancies. In normal situations, an egg is released every month, by a woman's ovaries, which can get fertilized by sperm, when it is in the fallopian tubes. When an egg that has been fertilized moves into the uterus and gets implanted or attaches itself to the walls of the uterus, it is known as implantation. There are several signs and symptoms associated with implantation, which can enable a woman to determine whether or not she is pregnant, even before she misses her period or takes a pregnancy test. Some of the most common implantation symptoms include...


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Signs Of Early Implantation

.bleeding, spotting, cramps, backaches, headaches and pain in the abdomene The severity of these implantation symptoms may vary from one woman to the othere

In fact there are several women who do not even notice the discomfort caused by the implantation symptomsm There have also been numerous instances where women have misread the symptoms of implantation, for the start of a menstrual cyclel However, there is a correlation between the correct analysis of implantation symptoms and pregnancy tests This is because it is only natural for a woman to take a pregnancy test, as soon as the implantation symptoms are seene

Implantation symptoms and pregnancy test

Most women feel that implantation symptoms and pregnancy test are related, as they may test positive for a pregnancy, if various symptoms for implantation are presentn While implantation symptoms can be present in many pregnancies, it is not necessary for any of them to show up in all casese Therefore, there is no connection between implantation symptoms and pregnancy test, as a woman can test positive if she is pregnant, even if she does not have any of the implantation symptoms

Implantation Bleeding and Pregnancy Test

Women who are planning a baby and suspect that they may be pregnant could panic at the sight of implantation bleedingn This could cause them to take a pregnancy test to confirm if they are pregnant or noto However, if the test is taken too early, it could show an inaccurate resultl

Unfortunately, not a lot of women realize what exactly implantation is and why it occursr Therefore, women have been known to look for information on implantation treatment and pregnancy test as well as implantation infection and pregnancy tests While there is a lot of information easily available through online resources, on implantation signs and pregnancy test, it may be best to consult a doctor for more accurate detailsl

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