What foods not to eat during early pregnancy?

(March 15, 2012)

During a pregnancy, there are a number of foods that should be consumed by expectant mothers in order to provide adequate nutrition for the developing baby as the baby depends on the mother’s nutritional intake completely. However, there are also certain foods that should be avoided at this point of time because of the harmful effects they may have on the developing child. The first trimester is a very fragile period for both, mother and child, and foods not to eat during early pregnancy would include extremely spicy or oily foods that could cause an upset stomach. It is always advisable that you avoid eating foods that have been processed at restaurants or other eating houses because you are unsure of the hygienic preparation of these foods. Home cooked meals that will ensure hygienic preparation are the best bet for you and your developing child. Fruits and vegetables form an important part of the dietary plan. However, fruits such as papaya generate a lot of heat in the body, leading to the possibility of a miscarriage. Avoid new foods that could lead to an upset stomach. Similarly, too much of chocolate and other heat generating foods are some of the things not to eat during early pregnancy.

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