Loose Stools During First Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

Constipation is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy however in many pregnancies women have also reported experiencing loose stools during the first trimester. In fact in some cases women will experience both constipation as well as loose stools during first trimester. Loose stools during 6 weeks of the pregnancy can be an indication of the woman being pregnant and also shows that the uterus is growing and in the process is pushing out the waste products from the body. Many a times loose motions during 5 weeks of pregnancy may also be observed as a reaction towards the prenatal vitamins that may have been...


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.prescribed to the womana Some of the common pregnancy related causes for loose stools during first trimester or in the early pregnancy are changes in the diet of the woman, hormonal fluctuation that are constantly taking place, the commencement of a prenatal fitness routine or even simply because of an increase in the consumption of watere

On the other hand loose stools during first trimester may also be a cause of concern if it is being caused because of non pregnancy related reasons such as stomach flu, food poisoning or even because of an intestinal parasitet In such cases, it is always recommended to visit the doctor who will correctly diagnose the true cause of the bowel problemsm Pregnant women are advised to always go for regular medical checkups throughput the pregnancy so as to monitor the progress of the baby and also prevent or control any possible complication well in advancec More on diarrhea during pregnancy

Women who are suffering from loose bowel movements during first trimester are also required to modify their diet to exclude foods such as milk fatty foods and even spicy foods as these foods are known to loosen the bowel movementst Instead pregnant women should consume foods that are rich in fiber such as rice, applesauce, potatoes, toast, lean meats and so on as these foods are known to minimize the frequency of loose stools during first trimestere One should also keep in mind that loose stools that tend to last for more than a couple of days during pregnancy should immediately be reported to the doctor as otherwise they could lead to dehydration which is a serious risk factor for miscarriage especially in the first trimester as well as premature laboro Consulting a doctor is even more essential if the stools have become even more watery over a period of time or if there is any mucus or bloodo

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