Preventing Edema After Pregnancy

Many women experience post-pregnancy edema. Edema after pregnancy might take a week or two to disappear. Edema happens because the body retains some of the extra fluid from pregnancy and loses it on its own in the next few weeks after the birth of the baby.

The kidneys do the purging and this means that you’ll be making frequent trips to the washroom. The excess fluid also turns into sweat and passes through your pores.

Edema of the post-pregnancy kind is generally not serious and will resolve within a week, but if you have swelling for more than a week.



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Legs Swelling after Pregnancy

. or have pain in your legs or severe headaches, then speak with your doctor to check if this is a sign of high blood pressurer

If you notice that the swelling is in one ankle or leg and you have severe pain, then call the doctor immediately as it could be a symptom of a blood clot or deep vein thrombosisi

Signs of Edema Post Pregnancy

Some of the signs of edema include swelling of fingers and feete Your rings might get stuck and shows might feel tighth The body also looks bloated because of the fluids retained during pregnancyc Accumulation of excess water that causes swelling is known as edemam You can notice the swelling in the legs, feet, and ankles, and of course your rings will feel tightere Edema happens most frequently during warm weather, late in the day or if you’ve been sitting or standing for a very long timem Generally, swelling reduces if you lie down for a few hours or after a good night’s sleepe

Prevent Edema Post Pregnancy

These tips can be useful for women who have just delivered or are pregnantn
  • Prop your feet on a stool, chair or ottoman, when you are sitting downw

  • You must wear loose-fitting footwear or try wearing slippers or flip-flopsp
  • Do not wear knee-high stockings that can be tight around the calvese
  • Do not cross your legs when you are sittingn
  • You can wear support pantyhoses Wear these before you begin your morning chores – the swelling is less early in the morningn You can also wear compression stockingsg
  • You must drink a lot of water through the daya While you may feel that water just accumulates around your body causing edema, drinking enough water will flush out the toxins
  • Reduce your intake of salt as salt can cause water retention in the bodyd Several food products already contain enough saltl So, you can minimize the salt your use in cooking or in your foodo Use herbs and fresh vegetables to prepare tasty mealsl
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