23 Weeks Pregnancy Weight Gain

Submitted by Nic on April 26, 2012

Week 23 signifies the end of the second trimester. By week 23 you will have finished more than half your pregnancy. You will be getting bigger every day and normal chores will be difficult as the pregnancy progresses.

At 23 weeks pregnant, you will have had a weight gain of about 10 to 15 pounds but this is the average and not the rule. There are different weight gain calculators that will tell you that for 23 weeks pregnant you should have at least put on 10 pounds. For the remaining weeks, you would ideally put on weight every week...


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.In fact, over the next four weeks, your baby’s weight is going to doublel Most of the weight gain at around this time may be because of the fact that the baby is increasing and even doubling in sizez

The weight gain with twins at 23 weeks pregnant can be slightly differentn If you are carrying twins, at 23 weeks you should have put on at least 24 poundsd Week 20 to week 24 would be very significant weeks if you are carrying twinsn If there is no weight gain by 23 weeks of being pregnant, the doctor will order more testst It could mean many different thingsg But mothers-to-be do tend to obsess over weight gain and doctors suggest that it be avoidede Especially because every woman is different and will put on different amounts of weighth

You will notice many physical manifestations of carrying a baby and putting on weight quite fasts Your feet and ankles will swell upu You may face water retention and edemam Excessiveness of any symptom is a bad idea and if your swelling is too much is persists too long, you should get a medical opiniono You will also face gassiness and flatulence which is a side effect of pregnanciese You will even see hyper-pigmentation and darkening of the skin around the aureolese You will also go through excess mood swingsg You will start to constantly feel pressure on the bladder and also frequently urinatet Other symptoms include anxiety, heartburn, leg cramps and general discomfortr Heartburn and flatulence can be avoided by eating a balanced diet with a good amount of fiber and with many frequent mealsl At this stage, the mother also can feel Braxton Hicks contractionsn By week 23 you will definitely know the sex of your babyb Your uterus is expanding a lot more, making it bulkier for you but it is becoming roomier in your uterusu

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