How much weight should I gain at 25 weeks pregnant?

(June 7, 2011)

Almost all pregnant women worry about the right amount of weight gain at 25 weeks pregnant. Irrespective of how much you weighed before your pregnancy, it is important to gain weight during your pregnancy. The guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy depend on your weight before pregnancy. In general, an underweight woman should ideally gain between 28-40 pounds in her full pregnancy term, a woman with normal weight should gain between 25-35 pounds, an overweight woman should gain between 15-25 pounds and an obese woman should gain between 11-20 pounds.

A commonly asked pregnancy weight related question at this stage is. “How much weight should I gain at 25 weeks pregnant?” This again depends on your pre-pregnancy weight but for a woman who was in the normal weight range, a total weight gain of around 10-12 pounds at this stage in pregnancy would be ideal. This is considered to be normal weight gain at 25 weeks pregnant. Considering factors like weight of the baby, weight of the placenta, amniotic fluid weight, uterus weight, added weight on the breasts, increased blood volume and additional weight of maternal proteins, fats and nutrients help in determining the average weight gain at 25 weeks pregnant. Women who are underweight, overweight or obese before their pregnancy need to be very careful about how much weight they gain during pregnancy. Unhealthy weight gain can mean health risks for the unborn child, premature birth and even low birth weight of the child. On the other hand for overweight or obese mothers, the risk of child obesity, high birth weight and other health problems is higher. It even increases the risk of diabetes for the mother and baby. To achieve the expected weight gain at 25 weeks pregnant, it is important to pay close attention to your diet. Eating a healthy diet not only helps you put on the appropriate amount of weight but is also beneficial to your developing baby. An increase in weight by 1-2 pounds per month is the ideal weight gain at 25 weeks pregnant and going forward till the end of your pregnancy. Most women tend to gain more weight during their second and third trimesters and hence eating and moderate exercising can help you maintain a healthy weight throughout your pregnancy term. Excess weight gain at 25 weeks pregnant can increase in the chances of high blood pressure, diabetes and possibility of painful and premature birth.

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