how much weight should i gain at 19 weeks of pregnancy??

(June 15, 2010)

Weight Gain During Pregnancy 19 Weeks

On an average, most pregnant women gain 25 -35 pounds of weight during their pregnancy. This weight gain also varies on the basis of the mother’s weight before pregnancy. Women who are already overweight should ideally gain around 15 pounds during pregnancy whereas a woman who is on the thinner side should gain around 28 to 40 pounds. Of all the weight gained during pregnancy approximately 20 pounds is the actual baby weight whereas the rest is just excess storage of fat. From week 1 to week 19 of pregnancy most women tend to gain around 2 to 5 pounds of weight whereas as the pregnancy progresses they tend to gain almost ½ to 1 pound of weight per week. During weeks 19 and 20 of pregnancy, the baby has grown to almost 10 inches in length and weighs around 10 to 11 ounces. During these weeks the baby’s skin is better developed and has already started forming layers. The layers of skin that begin forming in the baby’s feet and palm will go on to be his own unique fingerprint throughout his life. The baby’s head also starts becoming proportional to the rest of its body now.

Regular visits to the medical practioner should now be followed so that the growth of the baby and the weight gain in the mother are monitored. This also helps in detecting any abnormalities in the baby or infections in the mother at an early stage of pregnancy itself .On account of the weight gain and the gradual growth of the baby, the pregnancy bump starts to get visible during weeks 19 and 20. The diet of the mother plays a very critical role in the growth and development of both the mother and the child during the early weeks of pregnancy. Pregnant women should consume foods that are rich in iron, calcium, vitamins and various essential minerals. They should also drink plenty of water to keep them well hydrated and also help the vital organs to function normally during pregnancy. Consumption of proteins during pregnancy is also essential as it helps in formation of muscle and tissue in the baby.

Weight loss during pregnancy is not encouraged as the baby and the mother require the additional nutrients and vitamins. Hence women should refrain from being overly concerned over the weight they gain during pregnancy because once the baby is delivered they can always go back to their earlier weight by following a proper diet and with regular exercise.

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