Weight Gain in 30th Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on October 17, 2012

The amount of weight gained during pregnancy differs from one woman to another. There are several factors that affect 30 weeks pregnant weight gain. During pregnancy, it is absolutely essential for a woman to eat enough, as her baby's growth and development depend on it. Hence, it is important for all women to gain the right amount of weight during pregnancy. However, women no longer believe in the concept of "eating for two", as they have now realized that gaining an excess amount of weight can also be harmful for the pregnancy.


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All reports on being 30 weeks pregnant and weight gain urge women to increase the quantity of the food they consume by a sensible margin. Health experts generally state that at 30 weeks pregnant weight gain should not exceed one pound per week (for singleton babies). Women should strive to gain no more and no less than the average weight gain at 30 weeks pregnant.

Unfortunately, there are many women who are not very happy with their 30 weeks pregnant weight gain. One of the reasons for that could be the fact that they find it difficult to move around comfortably at this time, especially if they gain more than what they should. In general, the 30 weeks pregnant weight gain for an average sized woman is around 11 pounds or so. Babies tend to gain around 37 ounces (60 grams) during this time of the pregnancy. It is not uncommon for women to gain a little more or less than what the ideal weight is regarded as; however, it is important for women to ensure that they gain weight in the right way, i.e., by eating the right kind of food. This is why fried food, junk food, processed food and sweets should be consumed only on rare occasions. The foods that should contribute towards 30 weeks pregnant weight gain include fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, cereals, whole grains, lean meat and dairy products. It is essential for pregnant women to get an adequate intake of vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, iron and all other nutrients.

There are several resources on the internet that offer online pregnancy weight gain calculation tools, including a 30 weeks pregnant weight gain calculator. These calculators are very useful as they help a woman understand what her current weight is and what her ideal weight should be. In case a woman seems to be gaining more weight than is normal, it could be an indication of gestational diabetes, which should be monitored by a doctor carefully. At the same time, it is essential for medical practitioners to check and monitor all instances of women who are 30 weeks pregnant and not gaining weight.

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