Tips, Care And Exercise for Women Post Pregnancy

The nine months of pregnancy can be grueling for most women. While it’s usually a relief to have it over with, the new born baby also demands a lot of time and attention.

In such a situation, most women are not able to attend to themselves and their own needs.

Post Pregnancy Care


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Post Pregnancy Care

Post pregnancy care of the new mother is almost as important as the pre natal care. The challenges of motherhood will always be there, but there is also a need to have some time aside specifically for yourself. The most imminent thought in the minds of most women who have just had a baby is, to lose weight and get back in shape. Though post pregnancy exercises are important, more important is your general well being.

Post Pregnancy Exercise

Usually the body is able to get back to its normal shape after the birth. The uterus begins to contract as soon as the baby is delivered and in a few days, you will come back to your normal self naturally. However, even though the ligaments may turn to normal, the muscles do not and therefore exercising becomes important.

However, before you begin with an exercise routine, it is important that you get yourself checked for any post pregnancy problems. Post pregnancy disorders are very common nowadays because of the kind of lifestyle that we tend to adopt. Post Partum Depression, one of the most common disorders to occur post pregnancy, can usually go away on its own but can even last as long as an year.

During this period, the new mother may feel depressed and her self worth may decline rapidly.

Post Pregnancy Change In Hormones

Usually the change in the hormones is attributed to this disorder, but other environmental factors like everyday stresses may also have a major role to play in this disorder. A clinical diagnosis is very important for this disorder.

During delivery, there may be other problems that manifest themselves only post pregnancy. Post pregnancy cramps and post pregnancy pains usually occur because of the formation of hemorrhoids or tearing of skin. If you have other problems like dry vagina and pain in the anal region, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Post Pregnancy Tips

Though there are many post pregnancy tips on how to get back to your normal life after having a baby, the truth is, it takes the body and the mind a lot of time to get back to the normal. The body takes time to get into shape and you will have to put some effort in that too. Similarly the mind too has to assimilate the fact that you have to care for more than just yourself. The baby is completely dependent on you and taking on the role of a parent is a huge responsibility.

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