Diet After Pregnancy

Submitted by vipintest on January 17, 2012

While being cautious of what she eats, a pregnant woman also indulges herself in foods that she wishes for, loves or just feels she needs. She eats sumptuously because whatever she eats translates directly into nutrition for the baby in the womb. However, after she has delivered her baby, the mother often wants to go back to her pre-pregnancy weight. So she promptly goes on a diet after pregnancy.

This is not always a good idea. After delivering a baby, the body is considerably weakened. Its immunity is low and all body
systems are weak. The new mother has to breast feed and therefore dieting immediately after a pregnancy is a bad idea. The best diet after pregnancy is to eat everything but in moderation.

During breast feeding, all food and even stored fat in the body gets converted to milk for the baby. In fact, breast feeding is often considered the best way for new mothers to lose weight. In case the mother is not going to breast feed then she could consider opting for a diet that includes plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grain, without concentration on particular or only certain kinds of foods.

The depleted reserves in the mother’s body need to be replenished and therefore the new-mom needs more nourishment post pregnancy. Some of the important nutrients that you need are zinc, iron and calcium. Beans, peas and spinach are good sources of iron, while poultry, egg and fish are sources of zinc. You can enjoy banana walnut pancakes and other such tasty, healthy dishes. Mothers are also encouraged to take vitamins, supplements and tonics to increase their strength. A good way to watch what you eat is through your food quality instead of calorie counting. It is commonly observed that immediately post delivery women consume more food than they used to. You can also do some moderate exercise once your doctor allows it. You will not be allowed to immediately start exercising. New mothers should also stay away from diet pills and other such paraphernalia. Some mothers resort to specific diets like the HCG diet after pregnancy. These diets, which use hormone shots to induce weight loss, are not recognized in many countries and have had controversial effects. The best way to lose weight after a baby is eating right and doing some moderate exercise.

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