what not to eat during pregnancy?

(July 7, 2010)

Eating Habits During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are advised to follow a healthy and well balanced diet during pregnancy which should be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. However there are some foods that are harmful to both the mother and the child during pregnancy and hence should be avoided. Pregnant women should strictly eliminate the intake of alcohol and smoking as it may leaf to serious birth defects in the child and could also harm the mother. Raw seafood and meats should be strictly avoided during pregnancy as there is a high risk of salmonella poisoning and listeria to the mother and baby. Processed foods such as deli meats also fall in the list of foods that should not be eaten during pregnancy as they may result in stillbirths or miscarriage. While eating in a restaurant, pregnant women should check and ensure that their dish or the salad dressing does not contain raw eggs as it is harmful to the baby. Similarly fish that are known to have levels of mercury like swordfish, kingfish, and shark and tile fish should be avoided during pregnancy. This is because high levels of mercury present in the fish tend to affect the developing nervous system of the baby. Pregnant women should also avoid eating cheese  such as feta, camembert, and brie and can only consume them after checking that they are labeled pasteurized by the manufacturer.

Liver is known to be a rich source of Vitamin A, however excessive consumption of Vitamin A is harmful to the baby and hence liver is required should be consumed in small amounts. Pregnant women should also avoid junk foods and foods containing processed white flour, sugar rich foods, and oily or fried foods as they contain little or no nutrients and hence will make the mother feel full with the empty calories but not provide any nutrients to the baby. Pregnant women should eat foods that are rich in fiber as they help in the digestion process and hence avoid problems like constipation and acidity faced by many women during pregnancy. Pregnant women should also avoid drinking carbonated are sugary drinks during pregnancy and instead drink plenty of fresh fruit juices and fresh drinking water. This will help them remain hydrated and feeling fresh during the pregnancy as they may lose precious fluids while suffering from morning sickness. Similarly pregnant women should also not consume regular medication without the doctor’s prior approval as the medicines may adversely affect the baby’s development.

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