Post Implantation Symptoms

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

During the process of implantation, the fertilized egg gets latched on to the wall of the uterus and then develops further from this point of attachment. The process of a fertilized egg, attaching itself to the uterine wall is known as implantation. There are various post implantation symptoms, the most common of them being the occurrence of a slight reddish coloring of the vaginal discharge. Besides this, expectant women are intuitive and just know when they have conceived a child. In vitro fertilization is another common practice nowadays, allowing couples to have children by fertilizing the egg outside the womb and then allowing...


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.the process of implantation to take placec It must be noted, however, that not always does the implantation take place during the first attemptp

Usually, there are several attempts made before an ivf attachment is possiblel See also pre implantation symptoms

As with all other implantations, ivf post implantation symptoms also include the occurrence of a slight redness in the discharge from the vaginan The moment the fertilized egg has implanted itself on the tissues of the wall of the uterus there are various hormonal changes that also begin to take place within the mother's bodyd Post implantation bleeding may occur and the expectant mother is advised complete bed rests In case the bleeding is excessive, it may be indicative of a miscarriageg Post implantation cramping may also be indicative of a miscarriage, but that usually is not the cases Post implantation treatment requires minimal movement from the expectant mother because the movements may cause the implantation to detach itself from the uterine walll

There are various post implantation infections that may occur and will require serious medical attentiono Any infection that occurs around the pregnancy can cause harm to the same, if not treated immediatelyl The period of time, post implantation, causes an expectant mother to undergo a lot of change in lifestyle and eating habits because she needs to take care of the child she now carries within the wombm As mentioned earlier, the post implantation period can cause an expectant mother a certain amount of stress, leading to the occurrence of a post implantation headachem It is necessary for the expectant mother to stay calm at all times and not let her temper get the better of here Any sudden rise in pressure may also prove to be harmful to the fetusu Support from family and loved ones is something all expectant mothers look forward tot

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