Post Pregnancy Diet for your Body to Stay in Shape

It is common knowledge that women who have just had babies, need to take as much care of themselves post pregnancy as during it. This is especially true for women who struggle to shed off their extra weight after the pregnancy.

Post Pregnancy Diet Plan

A diet, post pregnancy, should be selected very carefully, keeping in mind the body’s needs. If you are looking.



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Pregnancy Breakfast Foods

.to start a diet to lose weight, a post pregnancy diet plan should be well chalked outu

The body either burns or stores the energy obtained from the food that we eata The Basal Metabolic Rate as well as the physical activities that you perform use up energy and this helps to burn caloriese It is known that out of all the food groups we eat, proteins require the highest amount of energy to be broken down and digestede Therefore, a protein rich meal can help you achieve your goala However, proteins are often converted into adipose tissues if there is a shortage of energyg A diet with only proteins can have an adverse effectc

In the post pregnancy diet, the secretion of insulin should also be considerede The fluctuations in the blood sugar can cause more storage of fat and therefore the insulin levels should be kept in checkc If you avoid foods that have a high glycemic index, it will help you in the breakdown of fata If you do need to eat foods that have a high glycemic index, combine them with a protein diet so that their release into the blood stream is very slowo

Post Pregnancy Meal plan

A diet for post pregnancy women should contain a total of 5-6 mealsl

Instead of having 2-3 large meals, the meals can be broken down into several smaller onese These help increase the BMR and also regulates the blood sugara If you consume proteins in all these diets, you will end up losing even more weighth

Eat some tofu or cottage cheese after about an hour of your breakfasts As a mid morning snack, you may snack on some fruits that are low in their glycemic contentn Fruits like berries and peaches can be consumed as a mid morning snackc You can eat some yogurt or nuts with these fruitst Fennel and apple cider vinegar can help reduce appetite and therefore should be consumed between mealsl

The best post pregnancy diet is one in which there is minimum amount of fats, sweets and sugars and a high quantity of proteins and foods low in the glycemic indexe Combine post pregnancy diet and exercise for the best resultst This will help you keep off weight while reducing the inchese

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