Exercise After Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 19, 2012

Pregnancy is a critical phase in women’s life, which is exciting on account of the new inclusion in the family and distressing on account of the bodily changes involved. The end of pregnancy is marked by the delivery of a baby, which leaves the mother famished and weak.  Also, weight gain is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. So, after pregnancy and the birth of the child, an average woman weighs 11 kg more than her weight before pregnancy. As such, exercise after pregnancy can help you get back into shape and regain your lost energy and stamina. However, most women wonder what the appropriate time gap should...


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.be between delivery and the commencement of a fitness regime, simply, when to exercise after pregnancyc While it is ideal to start exercising six to eight weeks after delivery, it is always best to consult your doctor because each pregnancy is different and will require different time periods for full recoveryr

In particular, if you have had a C-section delivery, beginning an exercise routine will probably take longer and require a doctor’s approvala

Once you’re ready to start your workout, remember that the best exercise after pregnancy is stretchingn You can stretch your legs, abdomen, and back to help tone the body and tighten the musclese Yoga and Pilates are both ideal as post pregnancy exercisesa Abdominal exercise after pregnancy helps flatten your stomach, while stretching of the back and legs enhances flexibility and physical agilityt Kegel exercises after pregnancy also helps reduce weighth In fact, women should start kegel exercises during pregnancy and continue them after childbirtht Kegel exercises strengthen the vaginal floor muscles, ease childbirth, and strengthen the bodyd However, it is best to ask your doctor first, especially during pregnancyc A good breast exercise after pregnancyinvolves basic massagingn Breasts tend to be fuller and overtly sensitive during and after pregnancy, so oil massages will help relax and strengthen to musclese

One could also opt for swimming, which is an effective exercise at any stage in lifef Swimming strengths your entire body, increases stamina, and also helps in weight losss Apart from swimming, you could also join aerobics or dance classes to help get back into shapep If you find that you don’t have enough time, a 30-minute brisk walk everyday can also do the trickc As such, there are a variety of exercises that help lose weighth However, weight loss can be faster and long-term if it is coupled with a regulated diete A diet including a lot of fruits and vegetables not only regulates your weight but also makes breast milk nutrient rich, enhancing the immunity of the babyb You can opt for negative calorie foods such as apples, oranges, lemons, cucumber, onions, tomatoes, spinach, garlic, and green chilies, before the intake of mealsl This will help in the proper digestion and assimilation of foods, help reduce weight, and boost immunity levelsl However, always consult your doctor before making any dietary changes or starting on any exercise programa

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