Preconception Fitness Exercises and Diet to Remain Healthy

When a woman has considered getting pregnant she visits her doctor and does various kinds of preconception checks. The doctor will recommend various tests that need to be done like blood tests, urine tests, vaginal swabs.

The doctor will also take a medical history of the patient and will check the medications the woman may be on. The doctor will further recommend various nutritional supplements, dietary suggestions and vitamins that the woman is required to take to optimize her body in preparation for conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.


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Preconception Exercise

Chief among the doctor’s preconception suggestions will also feature the vital need for preconception fitness. Preconception exercise is the best thing a woman can do to for herself in preparation for pregnancy. When a person exercises it helps to release endorphins which are a hormone that triggers happier and healthier responses in a person’s brain. When the mind works well the whole being then feels good too. This helps shape the woman for the pregnancy to come. It is helpful to see a doctor or a health care provider to ensure that her weight remains as close to recommended weight. The BMI or body mass index is the correct and best indicator of what the desired weight should be. If the woman is overweight then a combination of preconception exercise and preconception yoga can help her in reducing the extra weight and getting fitter.

Preconception Diet

For an overweight woman a combination diet of low fat and high fiber foods is advised.

Dancing and walking are highly recommended activities to stay fit and lose weight. Initially they should start off gradually with the exercise routine of may be 30 minutes at a time. Then gradually increase as they go along. Pre conception yoga and preconception massage can go along way in helping a woman to relax and de stress as well help in toning the body in preparation for the pregnancy. If the woman is underweight then she should follow the instructions of the dietician to put on the healthy weight. She can also do those exercises that help in keeping her fit without making her lose any weight. It is recommended that the physical exercise that one does should not harm the body in any way or the to-be-conceived baby. Drinking lots of water while exercising and training is essential. The safer exercise routines can be followed by the woman even she is pregnant but these need to be first checked with a fitness instructor prior to doing.

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