What are the Tests and Checklist of Preconception?

Every woman needs to visit a doctor if possible when she has an intention of attempting to conceive. The doctor will try to address any other possible issues or concerns that might exist in a woman’s attempt to get pregnant.

There are various medical conditions that exist that a woman can have that can are vital to be checked prior to getting pregnant. Some of these include diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity, it is also vital to check if the woman is on some medications or to check on lifestyle and occupational issues.


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Hence there are various medical checks and tests that need to be taken before a woman conceives. Some of these tests include testing for various kinds of infections or any immunity that are known to affect fertility and also the outcome of the pregnancy. The doctor will further be interested in checking the woman’s general health as also the family history and records of herself and her partner, the father. If the woman or her partner has any kind of history of birth defects in their families then the doctor can possibly refer them to a genetic counselor. The doctor may also refer them if they have a high risk possibility of a genetic disorder occurring due to age or ethnic background.

Preconception Checklist

A preconception check normally covers a multitude of health issues. Hence the preconception checklist can be broadly divided into 4 main types like medical assessment, vaccination updates, screening and counseling and recommendations. Medical assessments comprise of the medical history of the patient and any current problems she might have. It will also take into account the reproductive and obstetric history of the woman which includes any menstrual related problems.

It will consider her family history and will include a general physical exam and a Pap smear update. The doctor will take an assessment of any medication risks that might exist and also an assessment of any risk of an infectious disease. The Preconception Check up will do a vaccination update of the woman if needed. These include varicella, rubella, hepatitis B etc. Under screening the doctor will check for HIV / AIDS, syphilis or any other infections and genetic disorders. Blood test and urine tests along with vaginal swabs will be done. Under counseling and recommendations the doctor will request for dental check ups and diet and nutrition guidance. He will also recommend various nutritional and vitamin supplements.

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