Pregnancy Safety Tips to take care of your child and you!

Taking care or yourself during your pregnancy is very important. This is a special time of your life when you need more of everything – nutrition, love and care.

While your gynecologist will guide you through your pregnancy and help you understand how to take good care of yourself, there are several tips for early pregnancy care that you should follow. These pregnancy safety tips have been passed on through generations, with each generation adding a little more experience to these tips.


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Best Pregnancy Safety Tips

  • The best pre pregnancy health tips are those which involve taking care of your health. A woman has to be both physically and mentally prepared for having a child. If you have decided to get pregnant, it will be a good idea to start preparing your body for it too. The first thing to do is to get as close to your ideal weight as you can. If you are not physically fit, you may have complications during your pregnancy.
  • Another of the most important tips for early pregnancy is a good diet. Your doctor will tell you which foods are best for you. Apart from these, you will also need certain supplements like iron, calcium and folates, which are essential for your baby’s development. During your pregnancy, you will also develop some preferences for certain foods over others. Consult with your doctor about what is best for you. Stay away from food that is raw or partially cooked.

    Eat fresh home made meals and foods that you like. Also, make sure that you include healthy foods in your diet instead of piling up empty calories.
  • One of the best tips for nausea during pregnancy is to start sleeping on your back. Usually bed movements made by you or your partner can cause nausea. Lying on your side too can cause backache and nausea. An effective way to avoid that is to lie flat on your back while sleeping. If you want to sleep on your side, sleep on your left side so that the oxygen flow to the fetus is increased.
  • Whatever you consume at this point of time will also have an effect on your baby. Therefore if you have a habit of smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol, stay away from it. Usually even a glass of wine is not recommended during pregnancy. However, if you are really craving for alcohol, you can have a few sips of red wine as long as your doctor allows it.
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