Risks Associated with Drinking Wine during Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 13, 2012

The dangers and risks that are associated with drinking alcohol during pregnancy have been well established by now, as most medical experts, books, online sources of information, women's health programs, etc., strongly advise women against drinking any amount of alcohol, when then are pregnant. This is mainly because there are several birth problems or development problems in the child that can be a direct result of drinking alcohol on pregnancy. Anything that a pregnant woman ingests gets passed on to her unborn baby.


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Even if a woman drinks a glass of wine during pregnancy, the alcohol present in the wine can enter the baby's blood, thereby causing some serious damage to the baby's brain cells and spinal cord. Some of the problems that could occur are Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), organ deformities, delayed development, urinary or kidney tract defects, vision problems, brain damage, hearing disabilities, low birth weight and in some severe cases, even death. The more alcohol a pregnant woman drinks, the higher the risks of such unfortunate occurrences.

Studies indicate that even the occasional consumption of a glass of wine during pregnancy could carry some harmful risks. Although drinking a single glass of wine may not lead to FAS, there is a strong possibility that it could lead to some detrimental effects. Since, the exact effects of moderate or occasional drinking during pregnancy are not well known pregnant women should avoid any kind of alcohol, which includes beer, wine coolers, spirits or liquor. The consumption of alcohol can lead to some serious conditions during pregnancy, which include stillborn babies, miscarriages, premature delivery as well as liver and heart problems.

In fact, nowadays doctors strongly advise women who are trying to conceive or planning to start a family from avoiding even the smallest amounts of alcohol. Although, an occasional drink or so, consumed in the early stages of pregnancy does not really affect the fetus, there is no guarantee about that. The effects of alcohol do not even show up in the ultrasound test or the other prenatal tests that are a part of the routine check-up. Therefore, the expectant mother may go through a lot of stress and anxiety about the safety of her child, till the baby is born. FAS may not always be evident in newborn babies. The less severe signs as well as the learning disabilities only become evident as the child grows older.

Therefore, to ensure the good health and proper development of the baby, as well as to avoid any dangerous conditions during pregnancy, it is strongly recommended that all pregnant women avoid alcohol completely.

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