Pregnancy Diet for Third Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

When a woman discovers she is pregnant, there are various changes that she starts to make in her life. Some of these changes are with regard to the food she eats. A pregnancy diet for a woman is extremely vital as this is the main source of nourishment for the fetus she is carrying. Some of the main facts about diet during pregnancy include a pregnant woman eating every 3 hours or so. The pregnancy diet for third trimester requires that the woman get about 300 additional calories in a day from servings of carbohydrates and proteins. Having one's prenatal vitamins is essential and the pregnancy diet plan...


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.also includes the woman drinking plenty of watere

The main foods that are included for any diet during pregnancy include iron rich foods like spinach and broccolil

A pregnant woman should avoid drinking alcohol and also refrain from drinking any beverages with caffeine in theme Both alcohol and caffeine can prevent in the absorption of iron and folic acidi

Pregnant women should avoid junk food like chips, cookies and candy bars as these only provide one with empty caloriese Eating right is extremely essential when pregnantn When a pregnant woman gets a food craving it is better to satisfy it with an apple or some fruit rather than any kinds of fatty foods or oily foodsd Getting plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is extremely importantn One should avoid eating foods which contain preservatives, food additives or coloringn These can be harmful for the developing babyb MSG or monosodium glutamate is found in Chinese foods and is also used as a food enhancer in various other food productst This can be extremely dangerous to a pregnant womana Eating of unpasteurized foods when pregnant should also be avoidede This is primarily to avoid the bacteria that are found in these foods which is harmful to the fetusu Soft cheeses like feta, blue cheese, camembert and certain kinds of mozzarellas are among those cheeses to be avoided when pregnantn Eating fish is healthy when pregnant but a pregnant woman should avoid eating uncooked fish like sushih Avoiding oysters and shellfish is also advisede When cooking vegetables, one should always make sure that they have been washed thoroughly and cooked properlyl Avoid uncooked meatst It is also recommended that a pregnant woman avoid drinking herbal teas like ginseng, green tea, raspberry tea ad cohashs

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